World Heritage Petition

The Great Australian Bight is a beautiful marine environment with a natural history dating back hundreds of millions of years. It's home to endangered and threatened marine animals that need our protection, and supports thriving tourism and fishing industries. All of that is at risk if plans by multinational fossil fuel companies to drill for oil and gas go ahead. We can stop it.

We are aiming to reach 10,000 signatures by September 30, 2021. 

Nominating the Bight for the United Nations World Heritage protection list is a long journey, and we must start today. We need as many voices as possible calling on the government to act. 

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Petition To Federal Leaders

Mr Morrison and Mr Albanese

I call on you to support the nomination of the Great Australian Bight for the United Nations World Heritage.

As the decision makers of today, please support the protection of the Great Australian Bight for generations to come. 

Your's sincerely,

18 signed so far. Help us get to 10000!

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