Our Goal: UNESCO World Heritage Protection

Our unspoiled waters must be valued and celebrated. We cannot accept the risk of a catastrophic oil spill in our waters and along our coastline. Oil spills are irreversible.

Our Vision

The Great Australian Bight must be a protected marine environment, where marine life is safe and healthy. 

Our Goal

The Bight must receive status as a UNESCO World Heritage site which will provide greater ongoing international protection for the Bight.

Our Campaign

To achieve the goal of World Heritage Protection, our main campaign is to employ a campaigner for three 8 month periods. They will work with the supporting community and federal government representatives to start and maintain progress on the process of achieving World Heritage status.

Our Origins

After several years of independent campaign work in Adelaide and with the communities surrounding the Great Australian Bight, a collection of local groups and environmental advocacy organisations came together to create the Great Australian Bight Alliance in January 2016.

Our Community

The founding members of the Alliance included: Mirning Traditional Owners, Clean Bight Alliance Australia (West Coast SA), Oil Free Seas - Australia, Sea Shepherd Australia, Sea Shepherd Adelaide Chapter, Surfrider Foundation Australia and The Wilderness Society South Australia.

Since then the Alliance has continued to grow. Together, we can save the Bight from these risks.